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I don’t ship anyone with Merle, but in my fan fic reading experience, some people really dig the “young girl tames the beast” trope. Kind of like Beauty and the Beast, I guess, and Beth is probably the most stereotypically “innocent” on the show.

Yeah. But then why be so against Beth & Daryl? That is my question. That is my only question.

I do not ship either, and Merle and Beth is as unsavoury to me as Daryl and Beth, but that said I could understand Merle and Beth MORE, certainly form Merle’s point of view.

By that, I mean, I think Beth crushing on or falling for Daryl is very believable, but I find Daryl returning those affections out of character. He’s a “man of honor”, a man who has been around this girl since she was 16, friends with her father and has known her as one of the kids. That blurring of lines would be against who I have seen Daryl being as a man.

Whereas with Merle, he wouldn’t have that connection with her or Hershel from the farm, he comes in to it the situation seeing her as a capable girl, looking after a baby. And Merle is a very different person from Daryl. He doesn’t care about propriety, about what is “right” in terms of society’s judgements. He has no respect for the norms of society, if he finds a woman attractive he will say so, loudly and frequently, to their face - whether it is in any way appropriate or not. The kind of guy Merle was, he’d be a “it’s legal, who cares?” kind of guy. 

But that’s not Daryl, he cares about how people see him, how they judge him, and he wants to fit in. Merle would give them the finger if they dared judge him, if he had one, and if he doesn’t fit in - all the better.

I think a relationship between Beth and Merle would be hideously unhealthy, much more so than Daryl and Beth, but I could imagine Merle trying for it far more than I could Daryl.

Yes, I totally understand from that point of view. I guess, my original question is still this: How can someone be okay with one ship and totally against another? I’m talking about those those that find it absolutely repulsive for Daryl to be with Beth but love the idea of Beth and Merle. But I think with your explanation I understand it a bit better. Thanks.

I don’t ship anyone with Merle, but in my fan fic reading experience, some people really dig the “young girl tames the beast” trope. Kind of like Beauty and the Beast, I guess, and Beth is probably the most stereotypically “innocent” on the show.

Yeah. But then why be so against Beth & Daryl? That is my question. That is my only question.

Because they wanted that “charming” Meth ship name. (IM SORRY YOU ASKED FOR SERIOUS BUT I COULDN’T RESIST)

Tater Tot, I swear to pete! If you don’t start giving me serious answers about serious stuff, I’m gonna come all the way to your place and kick your arse. <3 


How many people that ship Beth & Merle are against Beth & Daryl? And what are your reasons for being for one and against the other? 

This is a serious post. I want to understand. Because the way I see it, is that Merle is way more volatile than Daryl could ever think about being and I cannot get behind shipping either of them with Beth. 

And people started shipping Beth & Merle when Beth was 16 years of age. I don’t get it. I don’t get it at all. 

So if you shippers of Beth & Merle that are anti-ship against Beth & Daryl could explain it to me, I’d be grateful. Thanks!



I’m sorry for ruining the love on the Caryl tag again, but I don’t really wanna remain in silence about this. 

I’ll put it under the “read more” so you can ignore it if you want ;)

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This. I’m so tired of Emily getting shit for doing her job. If you stand up for Melissa when people do this kind of thing to her, then why do you actively participate when someone wants to do it to Emily or start it yourself. These actresses are not your friends. You do not know what is in their hearts so please be careful of the things you say.


300: Rise of an Empire. I’m pretty fucked. LMAO

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Just a thought…


Perhaps everything that is being said by NR and GN is stirring the pot on purpose. Keep the interest up (although they really don’t need to ). I wonder if this is all simple trolling and nothing more. Do I like it? No. Do I think Caryl will still happen? Hells yes :)




Character dislike will be tolerated from those that I follow, but good old fashioned hate won’t. So you’ll be unfollowed. But if you are giving actor hate just because something doesn’t go your way in regards to your ship or favorite character, I’m not sticking around to see anything more. I have better things to do with my time than read crap about actor/actresses that you know absolutely nothing about personally. 

And I leave you with this parting thought: How would you feel if those people that don’t like Melissa/Norman started writing crap for you to see? You probably wouldn’t like it so much, I think. 

My suggestion to you: use your time more productively. Focus on what you love. I’m not saying that you can’t rant/vent about your dislike, but try and remember that the actors/actresses of The Walking Dead are entitled to their own opinions about the characters as well. The least we could all do is be respectful. 


littleshelly0619 replied to your post: SAN DIEGO, CA - JULY 26: Actress Meli…

She’s so gorgeous I want to slap her face and pinch her cheeks and rip that choker right off of her then hug her and say I’m sorry and beg her forgiveness. LOL But she’s gorgeous, right? Right!!

why you want to slap her and rip the choker from her neck? i’m confused. what does that have to do with her being gorgeous? LMAO. Violence is never okay. No matter the feels that you have. NEVER. but i’m still confused as to why you wanna do it in the first place.


SAN DIEGO, CA - JULY 26: Actress Melissa McBride poses for a portrait at the Getty Images Portrait Studio powered by Samsung Galaxy at Comic-Con International 2014 at Hard Rock Hotel San Diego on July 26, 2014 in San Diego, California. (Photo by MJ Kim/Getty Images for Samsung)

I am destruction (decay and desire) - (1/1)


The morning of her sweet sixteen found her multi-tasking, trying to unhook her bra and brush her teeth at the same time. She was fixing her hair, trying to make sense of the reddish-brown tangle of sleep-mussed curls and an ill-tempered cow-lick when she saw it.



AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/2029320

Nine Lives: http://ninelives.dark-solace.org/viewstory.php?sid=467


read this. like asap. 



Of all a deer’s senses, their eyesight is the worst. 

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So I’m im’ing my friend and I say to her, “Plums are messy. blah. but it was good. but i’m sticky LMAO!”

She responds with this, “ LOL I don’t think I’ve tried plums before. What do they taste like?”

And the sad thing is, she’s serious. I was a smart ass and answered with, “A plum.” I mean, seriously? What else could I answer? Sometimes I wonder if she and I are from the same planet. 

Lulz, totally why I don’t speculate. I have absolutely no idea what’s going to happen, and we’ll all find out. Jfc, people!

Exactly. If I want to speculate, then I write a fic for it and label it AU. I mean, gesh.


Melissa giving the flowers to Norman was done as a “Look at the flowers” joke. She’d offered them to others as I hear it, as well…



So no, I don’t think it’s any indication of C@aryl being canon..I do think it’s an indication that they have fantastic senses of humor and are a cast that truly get along. 

no one can ever win with you. honestly, everything that is caryl or carol related is never an indication of caryl happening. there is no chance that caryl will become canon, in your eyes, but EK and NR sit together and that magically makes bethyl canon.

This. Because what little bit that Carylers do know about season 5, I don’t think I’ve read/seen it anywhere that Caryl was canon without having anything to back it up. Several times now, Bethylers have said that its canon with absolutely no proof at all. And I just don’t understand why the Bethylers are encouraged by chandra75, but the Carylers are knocked down.

I still say it is because she feels that Beth isn’t a threat to her Rick/Daryl relationship, but she feels that Carol is a huge threat  for some reason. Daryl can still be Rick’s friend even if he is romantically involved with Carol. 

I just don’t get it. And she’s stated herself that she hasn’t seen the video clip or any of the clips over the past two days and yet, she still swears that is what is going on just because other people have informed her of such. Just today, she was repeating and restating that Norman said “Neither” when he was asked about Carol and Daryl’s relationship, when that isn’t what he said at all. And she calls us delusional? Seriously? 

Why can’t you leave Carylers alone? Why do you have to stick your nose in and dispute this over and over with Carylers, but you support and stand behind the Bethyl ship when they have just as much stating it in both directions as the conflicting information over the Caryl relationship? It makes absolutely no sense to me what-so-ever. 

So just stop. Full stop.